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ferrerorocher9: More pictures added.

taengoochingoo: More pictures of showcase and epic pink ocean and more fancams

zheming : Updated with fancams of both Japanese Genie MV and performance.

After all that waiting, SNSD’s Japan Showcase is finally here, ALL 3 OF THEM.

The first showcase starts at 2, but already people have been lining up at the Ariake Coliseum hours before it starts. Glad to see so much support for the girls 🙂 Make us proud, J-SONES. It looks pretty packed, no wonder why they needed 3.  And apparently they have A LOT of fangirls in Japan, which is nice to see instead of packs of crazy fanboys.

Good luck to the girls today! I hope 3 showcases isn’t too overwhelming, especially for Tiffany; our girls are strong but still human. Wish them the best of luck!

So here are the fancams.

More fancams:

Introduction (lol at Sica effect)

Short ITNW, no dancing


Credit: Yurui912 & TheShiOH1@Youtube, all uploaders, photographers, soompi, DC, as tagged, soompi, tetecaca@soshified