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A picture of the girls have recently surfaced on the net. In the picture, the girls are seen with stunning shades 3D glasses as they crowd together in front of a screen along with staffs. Many people speculate that this picture was taken at the scene where the girls were/are filming the remake of their “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish” music video for their upcoming debut in Japan.


Source: Yurui912@Twitter

The 3D glasses makes people believe that the remake might possibly be in 3D or at least there might be a 3D version. If you recall, there were rumors before about James Cameron, the director of the 3D movie, “Avatar,” speaking with SME and having plans to work on SNSD’s music videos and concert for Samsung. Regardless, nothing is confirmed yet and maybe Cameron has nothing to do with what is believed to be the “remake.” It is quite exciting though to think about. If there does happen to be a remake of “Genie”/”Tell Me Your Wish” in 3D, I’m ready; still have my 3D glasses from watching “Despicable Me” in 3D (;