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You probably know about Taeng’s musical (dubbed TaengSical), and how it’s a total daebak and everything, so here are some reviews of the musical from news sites and the like. There are some complaints about the musical itself it seems, but everyone is singing Taeng’s praises left right and center.

Note on how Taeyeon’s musical is being received in Korea
First if you are wondering if the musical is going to be successful the answer was already clear before the show even started. All seats for Taeyeon’s performances were sold out and currently vip seat tickets are scalped at high prices. With this musical Taeyeon is already considered belonging to the topmost ticket powers in the musical industry (Others include Xiah Junsu*, Jessica)

Now for Taeyeon’s performance review, it can be said that Taeyeon has done an admirable job even as a rookie musical actress, and great potential was shown. No one expects Taeyeon to suddenly become a great actress after a month of rehearsal but she still seemed to have exceeded people’s expectations. And there are no dissenters about her great singing. People often mention how Taeyeon is well matched as role of Kaoru. The musical itself gets some complaints.

“Taeyeon boasts perfect sync with her character Kaoru, and her clear voice color is also quite well matched… In contrast to Taeyeon excelling unexpectedly, the musical itself is a bit lacking with standard characters and somewhat lukewarm plot pacing.”

“Considering this is her first stage acting and little rehearsal time it can be said Taeyeon’s acting has much potential. Though her acting cannot be claimed as being excellent there is nothing to bring controversy… She can be applauded for choosing a smaller production that can help promote these original productions.”

“Kaoru’s bright characters were clearly expressed but some other characters lacked distinction. Taeyeon was well matched as Kaoru and her singing was great but some parts seemed more like a Taeyeon concert.”

“Taeyeon’s vocal performance is reliable and her actings of mischievous innocence and sadness she has executed them well.”

“Midnight Sun overwhelms the audience because of the presence of Taeyeon. She has the potential to be the next Ok Juhyun**. With detailed expressions, reliable dancing and emotional singing, she has shown great potential as a musical actress.”


“You won’t need to worry about her singing. With Taeyeon’s actual bright character her acting isn’t bad. Taeyeon passes her musical debut with ease. But there are problems with the musical itself, it has too much dialogues and not enough singing it’s more like a play.”


* Xiah Junsu of DBSK, like Jessica and Taeyeon, tickets for his musical sold out in a flash.
** Ok Juhyun of Fin.K.L, pretty much known as a musical star. You may have seen her on SNSD’s WinWin episode or on Invincible Youth with Sunny and Yuri.

Congratulations on a successful musical debut Taengoo! ^^

Super massive thanks to silis7noy2, who compiled and translated these. ^^ (No seriously, the guy deserves his own fanclub lol.)
Article by: Procrastinatoress@snsdkorean