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The many faces of Sunkyu

Guess who! It may be easy for some of you, it might not be for the rest. So take a moment to observe before continuing.

Popsicle for you if you got it right! It’s Sunny Lee Sunkyu! We all love soshi’s energy pill, but what exactly about her do we love? The fact that she’s fearless of chickens? Her proportionate body ratio? Nah, we all love her for her sunny appearance, and rightfully so. Therefore, in commemoration of Sunny’s birthday week, SNSDkorean will be compiling videos and pictures just for you!

But before that, I would like to invite discussions about members of groups Sunny are close to. From my point of view, Sunny and Jessica were seen as close friends the few months into their debut. Then, there was a period of her co-hosting “Reckless Radio” with Sungmin, and that’s when he taught her how to play the guitar. In Music Travel Lalala, Sungmin sang “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard, along with Sunny. They were close to the point that there were rumours of them dating. And finally now, Sunny remained the closest to Taeyeon since they both share the same bed room after moving into their new dorm.

With that aside, here are several video clips of Sunny’s aegyo, with one more unforgiving than the next. Nonetheless, be a good Sunshiner, and give these six videos a go!

Sunny’s aegyo on stage…

Sunny’s aegyo in Yoochiri..

Sunny’s aegyo in the KBS dressing room..

Sunny’s aegyo in a radio station..

Here is a mix of the best.

And finally, the killer aegyo moment:

We’re just halfway through; are your fists clenched tight yet? Better take out your Bobo doll to take the blows for the agony that is to ensue. Nah, just kidding 😛

So that’s it for the second part of the trilogy for Sunny’s birthday week! Ahh, the adrenaline, the laughter, the horror experience. Time to take a cold shower…

Video Credits: Chronos17, galio5th, koolonline1ruraldaze@YouTube.

Written by: ruraldaze@snsdkorean.