I was doing my daily routine of visiting ebay and i was surprised to see this.

Yes you must be like thinking,”What’s that?”.

It’s titled “So Nyuh” aka young ladies/girls and consists of the following.

1) Pictorial Booklet of 354 pages including cover.
23.5CM X 33CM in size.
Set in Tokyo.

2) Special DVD
Running time of 1 hour and 9 minutes,with English subtitles.
Content yet to be revealed.

Here are the teaser pictures.

Now i bet you wanna bitegrab a copy of that right?

Well too bad we all have to wait for it to be released at the end of this month,May 31.
It’s going to be sold for 44,000 won over here,which is approximately $39.60USD or $52.80SGD for me.
You can order from Yesasia here.

But anyway,who could resist this after all? SO GO PRE-ORDER NOW!

Credits : Sosiz
Article by : zheming@snsdkorean