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There was a fan signing event today with Hyoyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Taeyeon, and Yuri! The other girls will be at the other event I believe, they always split it up like this. Credits to estarburst for her lovely fan account. These lucky lucky fans 😦 Lengthy read but it’s worth it.

So, bright and early I reached the subway station, got off and got into a taxi and I asked him to take me to the best mall nearest to the signing event location. Well that was Lotte Mall. (For your sake I will shorten the process of trying to buy worthy gifts for snsd that were in my price range. i spent 3 hours and 30 minutes to find. the reason why i did not prepare gifts earlier was cuz the list of picked people for the sign events are posted the night before….11:30pm, which leaves one no choice but to buy gifts the morning of the signing event. According to bossa747@twitter, they do this so it simmers down the competition for crazy gifts and such) I got yuri a bracelet (im poor now T.T), and all five of the girls a set of special handmade korean rice cakes packaged in a cute box decorated with a pretty ribbon. They were like really fancy and like some of them were shaped as peaches, persimmons, cupcakes etc….like they were soooo cute and pretty ❤

I got to the signing event at 1:30 and stood in line. There were a handful of people there already waiting. At around 2 they started giving people their tickets. Everybody’s ringtone was~*you better run~ Run! run~ run! run*….actually. When somebody’s phone started to ring, a couple people would look down and check to see if it was theirs. It made me smile. (mine’s also RDR haha)

I ended up being number 7, first row which was pretty awesome cuz after you get your stuff signed you get to relax and just….stare……as creepy as that might sound.

So they were a little late, but who cares. They came in casual clothes. Jeans, high heels, nice tops, jackets, comfortable hair styles up/down. casual sunday attire….classy and nice. Taeyeon’s hair was reddish like in the musical photo. Honestly whatever hair her color is she can pull it off. They walked onto the stage looking a bit shy, but with nice smiles and bowed, and yuri apologized for being late. Tiffany then said that she was sorry they were late too. She then said she was thankful that she could spend such a nice day with us. (It was nice weather today) (we cheered) But she said to also take care of our bodies and stay healthy, and she said that she was sick (crowd “awwwwwwed”)
Yuri: “Now…shall we hurry and start the fan signing? ”

Fan signing starts-
Everything is spoken in korea minus tiffany&a bit of sunny

I was pretty nervous. Yuri (my favorite member) was first:

Yuri: ahnyounghaseo! *bows*
me: ahnyounghaseo! *bows*
I hand over my booklet. She see’s my name and says with surprisingly good english

Yuri: “Esther?”
me: “yea! Yuri here’s a present for you” *i give her bracelet and rice cake package*
yuri: “Oh thank you!”
me: Yuri you’re my favorite member, I like you so much! I even have you on my cell phone! *I draw out my cell and show her the official concert cell phone charm of her*
*to my pleasant surprise….she like it….like..alot*
Yuri: “oh……OH! Oh my god that is SO cute!! (어머….이거 진짜 거엽다!)
*I bring it closer to her face so she can see better, and she reaches her arm out towards the chain and stares at it for a good 5 seconds with a fascinated face*
Me: “Do you want it? You can have it!”
Yuri: “haha no thats alright”
me:”haha okay”
*i had more planned to say but of course, i blanked out….@.@ 헐ㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹㄹ*
Yuri: “thank you! *bows*
Me: *thank you! *bows*
(of course the dialogue between me nd myfav member is the shortest, but it cuz i was stunned senseless.)

Tiffany: ahnyounghaseyo! *bows*(ok im not gunna write *bows* anymore cuz we all bow to each other haha)
Me: ahnyounghaseyo!
*Tiffany reads name*
Tiffany: “Esther…..Esther…….Easter!! Happy Easter!” (she said more…but I can’t remember what she said. i was still stunned)
*I laughed. Easter was a common nickname i heard back in the states, and hearing it come from tiffany was really something*
Me: haha Happy Easter! Tiffany i just wanted to say I respect you so much. I’m from soshified, and I also wanted to say thanks so much for visiting and sharing bible verses”
Tiffany: “aw thanks….i should visit soon huh. sorry i haven’t visited in a while! i really need to visit soon”
Me: “haha no it’s okay…..*i start to mumble cuz im nervous* “tiffany here’s a present for you”
Tiffany: “oh thank you! bye!”
Me: “thank you byee!!!”
(Her speaking English is the cutest thing. Very valley girlish haha. signed + “Happy Easter”)

Sunny: ahnyeonghaseo!
me: ahnyeonhaseyo!
*again….in surprisingly good english*
Sunny: “Esther….”
me: “neh (yes)sunny here’s a present for you”
sunny: ah..thank you!
me: “Sunny, I like you so much! You are so 멋있어(mushisuh: equivalent to handsome/cool/impressive…but can call a woman that too in korean) in Invincible Youth!”
sunny: *laughs* ahh…thank you!”
me: 소도…taking care of 해주셔서 고마워요. 써니짱! ( lol i was nervous i started talking in konglish. I basically said “thanks for taking care of the cow too. Sunny jjang!)
sunny: “haha neh (네)thank you” *she hands booklet back to me*
*At this point I was moving towards Taeyeon, when her head kept on following me and she wouldn’t stop looking at me. A little surprised&taken;back, i looked back at her, and she seemed to be interested because I spoke english”
*She spoke english to me now. I think she was interested in practicing her english.*
sunny: “so where are you from?” (english)
me: “oh…um…america.”(english)
sunny: Oh really. america? (english)
me: yea! Sunny…your english….skills….are really good! (korean)
sunny: thank you ^^ (english)
me: *bows* bye!(korean)
sunny: bye! bows* (korean)
(i felt it when i saw sunny last year, and i felt it again today. Sunny has this aura about her….its incomprehensible. and i was really surprised at her english…i really was)

Taeyeon: anyeonhaseo
me: ahnyounghaseo!
taeyeon: “esther?”
me: “neh.(yes) taeyeon i like you so much. i listen to chinchin everyday! because of you taeyeon, my korean listening skills have improved a lot”
taeyeon: Oh really? Thank you! *she looked up at me with this warm smile….her face….i dunno………i read a sense of……..gratitude? the look totally threw me off and i felt myself starting to blush. i was embarrassed and nervous so i mumbled…
me: “taeyeon….for you……present”
taeyeon: “ahh thank you” she gives me that smile again…….and i cant help but look down because im BLUSHING like crazy
me: *bows* “thank you!” i start moving towards hyoyeon, but then, to my surprise, taeyeon extends her hand, her left hand on her elbow and right hand extended out, implying a handhake*
*my mind imploded. i didn’t ask for handshakes from any of the girls and i wasn’t planning to at all, but i was so surprised when she herself initiated the action first. of course i take that handshake, and put my right hand in her grip, and my left hand on the outside of her right hand, gently cupping her hand. She then brought down her left hand from her elbow to do the same, and as we shook, we ended it with a polite bow. Good god….

I’m not going to even try to describe the feeling of her hand cuz words aren’t enough. (maybe in my final draft ill try) After I sat down i watched taeyeon for a LONG time to see if she did that same initiation of the handshake to other people….i didnt see her do it. Maybe she did it when i wasn’t looking, but i didn’t see her do it. (This is me trying to make myself feel special. I apologize for the BARFNESS)

Hyoyeon: ahnyeonhaseo
me: ahnyeonhaseo
*hyeoyeon was pretty quiet during the sign event from my observations. the girls also said at the end that hyoyeon was quiet during the sign event*
me: “hyoyeon you are so mushisuh! me and my american friends really like you!
hyoyeon: “oh really? thank you~”
me: yea. here’s a present”
hyoyeon: thank you
me: thank you

i turned around and started to walk off stage….and as i did i gave a huge sigh* of relaxation. the guy that was guarding this end of the stage chuckled. i chuckled back.

So the rest of the time was just bliss. It was just 90 minutes of these five girls sitting in front of you, and you got to observe and watch them. It was a natural high. Taeyeon really interacted with the crowd a lot. Quite often, when she didn’t have anyone, she would look at the crowd, and wave her hands. One time, she waved them both, and then she started frantically waving them. And of course the crowd (including me) copied her. We laughed. When RDR was playing, she did some choreo. She did the clapping part over her head, and I laughed it was so cute. I noticed she looked at the crowd a lot. She defintely gave the most fan service. I think she was in a really good mood today. Compared to the myungdong signing event, she was much more livelier. (i didn’t get signatures i just went to see them) Loved the energy she was giving off.

Sunny looked at the crowd at times also, when she didn’t have anybody at the moment. She made silly/funny faces. When it was her part in a song once, she pretended to be passionately and singing to it, and the crowd cheered! Love her light hair it looks great.

Yuri and TIffany never really had a chance to look at the crowd or interact with them. The first two people are usually the busiest when it comes to signing events, while the last couple have it easier. But when the line ended and the last few people were at taeyeon and sunny and hyo, yuri and tiffany interacted with the crowd. They waved and pretended they were looking at the crowd with binoculars they were using as their hands.

Ending was epic:

So after the signing was done they got up and came towards the front of the stage.
A girl in the first row yelled “yuri! you’re pretty!” Yuri then flipped her hair back like ‘yes i know’ the crowd erupted in laughter…me of course clapping and guffawing like a madwoman. (when i laugh i clap like tiffany does)

Some of them kind of mumbled/talked into the mic but then tiffany said (without speaking into the mics) “i don’t think we have to talk into the mics….it’s awkward to talk into the mics isn’t it?”

sunny: “i’m going to speak into the mics anyways…i like it….” then sunny played around with the mic, she put the mic to her cheek “how about like this?” (like those head mics they wear during performances) which made the crowd laugh. sunny said a lot of the ending comments…but i wasn’t paying attention. i couldn’t stop looking at yuri. she was in the middle, and her outfit was so damn classy. she had black boots on up to her shins. greyish blackish faded jeans. a shirt with a loose droopy cardigan and her hair naturally flowing down. simple, clean and classy.

then OMFG DAEBAK yuri puts her mic on her forehead with the head facing down towards her mouth and says “like the musical” (reference to jessica’s forehead mic)and the EVERYBODY ERUPTS IN A WAVE OF LAUGHTER….IM LMFAO…including SNSD. god yuri’s sense of humor is daebak….i love her so much

As tiffany’s wave of laughter comes to an end, she looks at yuri and says to her “your my hero” and gives her a side hug. (wow 2nd time she says this to yuri….daebak right? for those who know what im talking about…kudos to you tweet me back if u know where this is from) Yuri responds by giving her a sweet smile a side hug back and they stay like that for a while.

It was such a blur I can’t remember everything but I’m doing my best!

Taeyeon says “Do you guys like the song RDR??” the crowd replies “YESS!!!!!”
taeyeon: “i personality like echo though….” crowd laughs & cheers cuz we like echo too

“hyoyeon hasn’t said anything yet. hyoyeon was quiet during the sign event today. say something!”

hyoyeon takes mic….”hi guys thanks for coming….(usual thanks comment)…then all of a sudden…”is anybody going to daegu sign event??!” *crickets chirping* but i guess 2 people raised their hands.

hyoyeon: “ahaha 2 people! *crowd and snsd laughs* haha then i will see 2 people there!

Then they did their final bow, and then did a “RIGHT NOW….SNSD!” with the crowd….

Hyoyeon, yuri, and sunny walked off, but taeyeon and tiffany found themselves still on the stage. Taeyeon grabbed the mic again, and said “I SAW SONYU…YOU SAY SHIDAE!

tae: SONYU
*crowd cheers*

Taeyeon and Tiffany smile wide and then do a side hug, and walk off the stage like that. Tiffany says something into Taeyeon’s ear, and they both laugh.”

sorry its messy but its a rough draft. ill let u guys know when the official one is posted on soshified. this is dedicated to those that said “congrats” or shared the excitement with me when i got picked for the signing event……and those that requested the fan account! i remember u guys and i appreciate it! and a shoutout to @bossa747 u rock :]thnks for everything!

oh…and at the beginning sunny and tae signed with metallic sharpie at the beginning that made marks on the other page when it closed. im pretty upset about this….but then again i remind myself that i have a booklet of all of snsd’s sigs! (I’m a little bit greedy, and I didn’t want just 5 girls’ signatures, I wanted all their signatures…in one RDR booklet. So my gracious friend was nice enough to help me out! (She likes seohyun). I wanted to meet yuri so I decided to go to the one in Incheon, and she to the one in Sungnam. It was a bit tricky having somebody else pretend to be me…but luckily we pulled through :] *note: i got picked for both signing events*
I now need to to some REAL careful removal of staples….VERY meticulous cutting and taping of ONE paper…..wish me luck…or maybe i can …..erase smudges by……….taping………AGH i dunno ill think about it….im tired sorry for such a CRAPPY rough draft :[


HEHHEHE. YulTi ❤ She is her heroooo 🙂

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