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Here are some quick updates on what some of the girls have been doing, as well as some random fan accounts of Taeyeon’s musical preparations and the girls getting some late night snacks . Thanks again to silis7noy2:

Quick updates on what the girls have been up to, as you know with all the shows being canceled the girls hopefully got a little bit of time to recharge themselves. According to Sunny today from the fan signing some of the members have colds. Sunny herself had been sick as you know. Yesterday Sica and Yoona were witnessed at a hospital. No it didn’t look like they were seriously ill, they seemed to be there for tiredness from being overworked and they got some nutrition IV shots then they left to record Music Core.

Also yesterday Yoona was seen shopping for clothes at the Hyundai department store in Mokdong, in the Giordano section. This store is a little away from their usual neighborhood so it seems she must have been wandering around the city a bit.

Taeyeon must be hard rehearsing for the musical everyday since there have been several accounts of seeing her near the musical theatre. Here’s couple of accounts:

“So we were having lunch and these people came in they looked like musical people from nearby, and the one in the center was Taeyeon! Since there are many theatres around here we see lot of performers but it was first for me witnessing a celebrity and Taeyeon had no make up she was small but how should I say this… she draws people’s eyes and she made me little excited and I’m a girl. All our guys on the table were talking loudly then when Taeyeon came and sat all the guys shut their mouths… When Taeyeon was laughing it sounded just like her on the radio kekeke so fascinating to hear it live.
When Taeyeon’s party left we grabbed her and our team leader who is uncle aged talked some mumble jumble and got Taeyeon to sit and sign for us, she was laughing and gave handshakes to all our guys, and our team leader was preciously holding on to that autograph. The guys couldn’t stop talking about Taeyeon and she was indeed so pretty so white and mysterious looking sonyuh keke”

“It was lunch time so there was a lot of crowd on the street and Taeyeon with her red hair and being so pretty everyone around was staring at her. I saw her close she didn’t have make up she had red hair she was so white and perfect skinned she looked like a mochi, all my friends kept saying how pretty she was keke. She was walking a bit embarrassed then put her hood on then she almost bumped into an ajuhssi and she let out her ajumma laugh keke. She was walking with her arms locked with another girl and there were two guys following them they seemed to be the musical actors. They were busy chatting and laughing it looked like Taeyeon was getting along great with them”

And yesterday Taeyeon was seen at the musical “The Brothers Were Brave”, starring Lee Ji Hoon (Onew also stars in this musical but he was on different date) with her manager. Reportedly Bada is giving Taeyeon some pointers on performing for musicals. And Taeyeon on Chinchin said learning guitar is quite interesting.

And Jessica was witnessed today in the morning at a cafe called Alley Cafe and had some tea. She came with someone who seemed to be one of the codi unnies and a guy who may be a movie actor. The employee said Yoona have been there before too, and said Jessica gave her some chocolates.

Then of course today was fan signing so all the girls were there in two teams. estarburst9 already has a great fan account! If I have time later I’ll see if I can find account for the other team.

And lastly tonight few hours ago Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun came to a Baskin Robbins shop. The employee posted an account:
“Just a minute ago Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun and their manager came to our shop TT TT
Totally pretty, and their voices kekeke so pretty…
Each of them insisted on paying then finally Taeyeon paid and they bought two Family sizes…
Taeyeon did the ordering and Tiffany and Seohyun were talking about what they wanted, Tiffany called someone and they added Rainbow Sherbet too…
Chin Chin radio was on in the store and it was really cool to see Taeyeon right in front as her voice was coming on radio…
The other employee was just frozen stiff all along then asked for autograph when they were exiting but the manager stopped him… The girls were sorry and they yelled for us ‘Hope you have great business, hwaiting!!’
All three were so pretty and Taeyeon was different from what I thought… I though she was cute on TV but she was more pretty TT TT”

One another account of girls yesterday, this time from a Seven Eleven employee. The girls are like free range chickens…
“It was a little past two in the morning. There were no customers and Yuri Yoona Jessica and Tiffany came in. They were in casual clothing. They were in hoodies except for Jessica I was able to know they were SNSD because of Jessica’s blonde hair. With her hood on Yoona’s small face almost disappeared keke. They seemed so intimate, they checked out the store and bought four Welches can drinks and two bags of Nacho chips kekeke.”

cr: silis7noy2@soompi