All my girls on top if you’re feeling me, throw your hands up high yeah
(Go baby, girl rise up, throw your hands up, do you like that?)

Sorry, enough of BoA, back to SNSD. So why did I choose that title exactly? Recently, Korea held a poll ranking the top 30  female idols. Well, the results are in!

1:Lee Hyori (Fin K.L) 57902
2:Tae Yeon (SNSD) 56833
3:Yoona (SNSD) 52747

4:Sung Yuri(Fin.k.l) 49114
5:So Hee(WG) 48591
6:JESSICA (SNSD) 47099
7:Sun Ye(WG) 45002
8:Tiffany (SNSD) 44113
9: Eugene(SES) 40946
10:Goo Hara(kara) 38880
11:Ye Eun(WG) 37218
12:YURI (SNSD) 37082
13:Ok Joo Hyun(Fin.k.l)36274
14:Uee(afterschool) 34835
15:Seo Hyun (SNSD) 33011
16:Yoo Bin(WG) 31693
17:Seung Yeon(Kara) 31805
18:Ji Yeon(T-ara) 29007
19:Sunny (SNSD) 28670
20:Soo Young (SNSD) 27994

21:Sandara Park(2NE1) 27249
22:Ji Young(kara) 25982
23:Ga Hee(afterschool) 25481
24:Hyeo Yeon (SNSD) 25448
25:Park Bom(2NE1) 23761
26:Eun Jung(T- ara) 21045
27:Nicole(Kara) 20613
28:Joo Yeon(afterschool 18491
29:CL(2NE1) 18486
30:Park Gyuri(kara) 16992

Every single one of our girls made it to the list (and within the top 24 too)! Oh SoShi, I wonder what their secret is? On a related note, SooRi was out catering to their fans again! These girls have been free from music schedules this week so I suppose they’ve had a lot of time to attend school. With that, we are presented with more pics. ^_^

Top:Yul's Siggy from an autograph Bot: SooRi leaving campus with some friends

Man are those guys lucky. Oh well, I guess we should just be glad that our girls can brush up on their education through their busy, busy schedules.