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For the past few days, major comments have been rolling in. Some nice, some..eh well anyway. 😛 Here’s some more happy news for the readers. And even though I’m supposed to be on break, I decided to put some new stuff on the blog.

Gallup Korea recently just took a poll and guess which artist dominated both charts?

Korea’s Best liked artists 2009

1. SNSD (29.8%)
2. Big Bang (21.1%)
3. 2PM (12.5%)
4. Wonder Girls (10.4%)
5. Jang Yoon Jung (9.6%)
7. 2NE1

Korea’s Best liked songs 2009

1. SNSD Gee (15%)
2. SNSD Tell Me Your Wish (6.7%)
3. SonDamBi Saturday Night (5.1%)
4. 2PM Again & Again (4.4%)


For Gom TV’s Best Music Video of the Year:

1. Gee

2. Heartbreaker

3. Genie


Lastly, rumor has it Yuri will be starring in a commercial with Daniel Henney. Can you say sexiness overload?

Okay, I guess it’s time to official go back on break..but I’ll probably pop back in for a quick holiday post.