^Well, least for me 😛 Happy holidays everyone! Here are all the videos from the Music Bank special today. I have yet to watch them myself, so not much commentary from me. I’ll probably just type a few things as I post! Enjoy and have a wonderful rest of the year and be safe. Remember, no drunk driving..’cause you’ll spill. Kidding. But really, be safe and let’s have a fresh start to 2010!

These end of the year shows are my most favorite. Gather all the artists and just have some fun.

Awww, Suli and Tiff together ❤
=O..I wanted the same hat for Christmas that Amber is wearing..lol =(

Luna and Tae ❤ Krystal and Jess ❤

And..does snsd win number one for the year?

Basically a mix up between the Super Junior and SNSD results. When they said SuJu won though, you can still see SNSD cheering for them =) And then everyone gets all confused hahahah. Amber singing Gee..keeekee ❤

“Our never ending love story”

And Seobaby plays the piano while Baek Ji Young sang. Love this song, love the drama (Iris-everyone seriously give it a shot)

cr; smtown