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Update: The actual clip has been added.

Shockingly, I just read an article by allkpop’s rameninmybowl regarding how one member of the group have thought about “giving up on SNSD,” and the member is none other than HyoYeon.

I debuted under SNSD to show the talent I have been polishing for years, however, I have often been in confusion. I even thought to give up on SNSD and go overseas for my studies.

Apparently, she confessed this on the upcoming episode of Strong Heart. Wow, this show sure is sharing a lot of juicy information, from Tae’s leadership stepdown to Fany’s jealousy issue to what ranks the girls have in terms of vocals distribution. While I understand this may be just some publicity hype and hyo only THOUGHT about it, I can’t ignore it!

When SNSD first debuted, HyoYeon made a huge impression on me because she was the “blonde bombshell who could dance.” But once Girls Generation promotion started, I felt like her identity in the group was a bit lost… whether it was due to lack of fan support or lack of solo dance focus from their promotions.

From her quote, I have thought of a few reason why she would want to “give up,” even with their current success. First, HyoYeon have studied chinese for years and even went to China, to now have SeoHyun be the current “chinese” girl of the group. Second, Hyo’s blonde hair disappeared for a while and now Jessica is ‘the’ blonde of the group. Third, she has practiced so hard to be a great dancer but slowly her limelights in dancing is getting pulled away a bit and have to share with other girls. Fourth, she probably feels like shes at the bottom of the totem pole in the group from fans.

With all that said, I don’t think she should give up the group. Considering her vocals ability and popularity, SM has been most generous and supportive to her. She gets to sing, participate in shows, and participate in CFs. In addition, she still owns the title of “best dancer” of SNSD and SM makes sure nobody forgets it! (Though I do feel that Yuri and Jessica are just as good.)

And besides, without HyoYeon, who will keep Seobaby company at night!? Who will wake the girls up!? Who will show the boys that girls are AWESOME POPPERS!? I rest my case!

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After I’ve read all your comments, I’ve made two changes to the post. Thanks for all you comments, I feel so rejunivated and hopeful after reading! Let’s hope Fany strolls by this site and tells Hyo how much her fans believe in her!


Thanks monmonsnowhd @ youtube for uploading and ivan for letting us know! I will update one with sub as soon as its available!