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Preview for Woot Chat Sa.

LOL I have NO clue what this is for… I just saw it posted on JPHIP’s Yuri thread.

The girls look great, really pretty! And this looks like it’s filled with all kinds of >>what the fuckery.<<

I wonder if they’re making fun of Don Jessi‘s seriousness at the and… XD those “old” peeps must be the past Dons…

This will definitely be replacing Park Bom‘s

“Don’t touch my…”

Speaking of >>2NE1 and SNSD<<

Haha I remember when Yuri (I think it was Yuri? Maybe HyoYeon) started to sing 2NE’1 Fire song on the radio show but quickly stopped cuz no one was singing with her (someone was talking I think). That was mad cute 🙂 Can’t remember which radio show it was though… it MIGHT have been the Chin Chin Radio show that they were in as soon as their Tell Me Your Wish Genie comeback.

Credits: Prot0908, YGsecret21, lilaznprideladee @YT