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Depending on how long you’ve been into Kpop (especially SNSD or BoA), you’ve most likely run into the name heygingersnap or Vanessa before. I know I have, plenty of times! She’s pretty much all over the place and I wouldn’t be surprised if she were some legendary Kpop fan or something. Anyway, shutting up now before I continue to make less sense…

Check out the medley she composed by ear!

And if you thought that was cool  check this out! Haha, also done by ear.

Damn, I really envy those who can play the piano so fluidly like that. I had piano lessons for 3+ years and only made it up to Oh Susanna haha. Now that my hands can no longer play the guitar due to medical reasons, I really wish I could start up the piano again. Gosh, don’t you just love music?!

Credit: revolutioncode (aka heygingersnap/Vanessa) @YT