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>>Yesterday, July 29th,<< Jessica appeared on Shim Shim Tapa Radio with her dance partner, Jonghyun from SHINee.
We forgot to mention she almost killed Kim Shinyoung.

You don’t mess with the Don, Shinyoung… you’re lucky cameras were there or we don’t know what would have happened! Haha but I gotta admit, her hurting her fanny from the fall was all kinds of cute!

For (two of) Jessica’s video cuts and a picture of Jessica’s handwriting

Is it odd for anyone else to see that Jessica is closer to her unni and plays with her more than she does with the guys? This reminds me of the Park Minyoung , BoA, and Lee Hyori thing all over again~  HMMMM, can I be any more right???

Check out Jessica’s handwriting! Cute and still legible… can’t say the same about Tiffany‘s though ahah. Sorry Tiff!

Ah, Neyo‘s Sexy Love goes way back with me. I remember singin’ along to this song years ago. R&B<3

Credits: Aienbest + Prot0908 @YT

Picture Credit: Soompi

P.S. Yes, Jessi did mention Tiffany (KEEKEEKEE). Don’s staying faithful to the Lady. Touch that err Eat that, Jonghyun! Kayh, so much more I can say to this, but I’d probably get somethin’ from the Boss Lady…