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Heh, you’d think that the MILK club that everyone’s talking about lately would be called Made In Lonely Kin instead, so it’d make more sense. Well, at least we know that Tiffany, Jessica, and Stephanie of CSJH hasn’t joined yet…?

Forgive me if I’m taking all of this lightly, but I honestly don’t know what to feel about this. But as an SNSD fan blog, it’s still our duty to update and share all things SNSD, even if we don’t want to. So because I don’t really feel like putting much effort in such a controversial (for a lack of a better word) topic, I’ll just copy and paste a conversation I had with a fellow Kpop lover and frequenter to SNSDKOREAN. And also, sorry if you think we’re not doing our job by reporting this to you earlier >.> the staffie that said she was gonna do the first part of this post hasn’t gotten in contact with me yet and I don’t want to take over if she already said she was gonna do it. Either way, I’m pretty sure most of you are informed already so I’m gonna go ahead and post this.

Warning: Please read everything that we’re saying. We’re really not trying to think of this in a lightly manner, but we’re thinking about it logically and from different point of views. We’re not heartless, so don’t think we are. Hmm, maybe we’re skeptics? Either way, we’re both fans of SM Entertainment and we love these people and only wish for the best. But we’d hate to waste our time feeling sorry for people who don’t need it. Also, as someone who’s worked around the Kpop industry for quite some time, it’s hard not to feel this way. And so, this is how we view this current SM topic.

Black Velvet(00:14:21): There’s a milk club update. =O

Me (00:14:32): where?

Me (00:14:51): whatever, i don’t feel like doing it, i got other things to post. what is it saying?

Black Velvet(00:14:52): It’s really, really short.

Black Velvet(00:14:55): An update on the Milk Club
A recent diary entry on Leeteuk’s Cyworld
Posted as 2009.07.27 Written on 2009.07.28 at 05:46 AM

…I think that sooner or later the Milk Fam is going to hold regular meetings…in a really quiet place with nice scenery…

Black Velvet(00:14:58): I just saw it here.

Black Velvet(00:15:08): I wouldn’t bother. Let her deal with it.

Me (00:15:32): i just hate it when news gets old.

Me (00:15:59): i don’t know how to take this.

Black Velvet(00:16:12): Haha, true.

Black Velvet(00:16:15): It’s kind of… odd?

Me (00:16:19): either as super emo and attention whoring or it’s a good thing that they all want to chill and relax together

Me (00:16:24): very mixed on this.

Black Velvet(00:16:28): I mean, posting about it like, “Oh, we’re going to meet and talk over tea,” or something.

Black Velvet(00:16:42): Yeah, same here.

Black Velvet(00:16:53): Maybe he’s on drugs…

Me (00:16:57): yeah, like we know you’re depressed… but don’t update us on more depressing stuff

Me (00:17:18): no, i think he’s just being emo and annoying. sorry 😡 but lonelies like attention

Black Velvet(00:17:45): Basically.

Black Velvet(00:17:54): People who are actually depressed do NOT tell people.

Me (00:17:58): yeah

Me (00:18:14): i think because of him, people are taking this the wrong way

Black Velvet(00:18:17): They keep it to themselves, as sad as it is. But, they’re usually the ones that succeed in hurting themselves.

Black Velvet(00:18:24): Agreed.

Me (00:18:25): maybe it’s not as bad as we’re imagining

Me (00:18:32): shit, now i want to write about this T_T cuz you got me going.

Black Velvet(00:18:39): Maybe not, but I most certainly hope he isn’t joking about it.

Black Velvet(00:18:42): xDD

Black Velvet(00:18:46): Whooooops.

Me (00:18:53): seriously. who makes a groups of depressed people?

Black Velvet(00:18:58): Just post this convo..

Me (00:19:00): unless you really are trying to help each other out.

Black Velvet(00:19:15): Good question. And, none of the other mentioned members have said anything about it.

Me (00:19:25): lol no, it might make us look too harsh, esp to those fans who don’t like to look at things from another perspective or think about situations logically.

Black Velvet(00:19:28): Not saying it’s a bad thing for them, since SM is close, but yeah.

Black Velvet(00:19:35): Haha, true.

Black Velvet(00:19:39): Very true.

Me (00:20:05): people might start saying i’m not a true SNSD  fan or i’m harsh or something

Black Velvet(00:20:12): Yeah…

Me (00:20:13): and people who know i’m not the biggest SuJu fan are just gonna point that out.

Black Velvet(00:20:45): But, we don’t know the situation and neither do they. We’re just playing on this as, “Yes, they’re humans, but we’re also looking at this from a human standpoint,” you know?

Black Velvet(00:20:51): LOL, true. -_-

Me (00:21:11): if they are for serious, i REALLY hope they get better. if they aren’t, and just doing this for attention… or like trying to MAKE themselves depressed for attention, then i really hope they quit it.

Me (00:21:56): as much as i love DBSK and snsd, i really hope it’s not for attention. but then again, they look more depressed than Leeteuk seems, doing this kind of thing.

Black Velvet(00:21:59): Agreed.

Me (00:22:06): and boa’s depression was pretty much evident over the years.

Black Velvet(00:22:22): I can’t say the work load helps, so I agree that it’s bound to take place.

Black Velvet(00:22:27): No one is happy 24/7

Me (00:22:33): yeah, especially when you’re overworked

Me (00:22:43): i just hope nothing drastic happens.

Black Velvet(00:23:24): I don’t think anything will.

Me (00:23:26): like no one hurts themselves or wants to leave SM or their group….. or gets really ill.

Me (00:23:53): well if Leeteuk is just feeding the fire with more flame just to see it grow, then i don’t think anything will happen.

Black Velvet(00:24:13): That would be bad, but even the Korean fans are making light of this.

Black Velvet(00:24:27): I think it’s sad that they view depression as something like this, but meh.

Me (00:24:31): are they? cuz i haven’t been reading around to be honest.

Me (00:24:40): as what?

Black Velvet(00:24:42): Apparently not, according to some of the comments.

Black Velvet(00:25:14): That it’s like, “We can make a club for depressed people,” and make it a semi-joke when there are suicides all over Korea.

Black Velvet(00:25:20): Scratch that, the world.

Me (00:26:40): yeah and it just so happens that Korea is no.2 to japan in the world’s suicide rate.

Me (00:27:08): but it wouldn’t surprise me if Korea has the no.1 suicide rate for celebrities cuz Jesus, even when i first got into Kpop, there were already suicides.

Black Velvet(00:27:09): I mean, I want to laugh at this, thinking it’s funny for them to meet up and be emo kids, but there could be someone else in SM who’s ACTUALLY super depressed and will get hurt. (Or someone outside the company…)

Me (00:27:24): exactly. that’s why i’m getting mixed feelings about this.

Black Velvet(00:27:26): True, which is very sad.

Me (00:27:29): i almost want to ignore it LOL

Black Velvet(00:27:31): Right. Same here.

Black Velvet(00:27:39): Haha, maybe we should?

Me (00:28:05): that’s why i sorta felt bad for laughing at Onew in the first update. because i didn’t know whether or not to take this whole thing seriously. and then considering what happened to onew…

Me (00:28:11): maybe.

Me (00:29:00): hmm i don’t know how i’m gonna write this update on the milk club if we haven’t even published the first one.

Black Velvet(00:29:31): http://i25.tinypic.com/2agkgef.jpg

Black Velvet(00:29:35): LOL, okay, that is funny…

Black Velvet(00:29:56): We could just take this as an attention whore stance, even if that makes people hate you.

Black Velvet(00:30:00): Actually, just let people interpret it.

Me (00:30:17): LMFAO omg… and it couldn’t be more perfect. however, i wonder if anyone who isn’t familiar with psychoanalyzing Whinnie the Pooh would get the joke.

Me (00:46:51): ok i finished the Naennmyun update and put in some JeNy flavor of course. now it’s time to post the milk update.

Me (00:47:21): What does MILK stand for agian?

Black Velvet (00:51:32): Ummm

Me (00:51:37): i got it

Black Velvet (00:51:45): Haha, okay.

Black Velvet (00:51:54): I was about to say, there’s a Korean meaning for it…

Me (00:52:00): it stands for something silly. so at least we know Jess and Tiff haven’t joined.

Black Velvet (00:52:19): Nah, they’re too busy with the Gay League anyway…

Me (00:52:22): but why would they? they take their stress out on each other. 😀

Me (00:52:24): LOL!!!!

P.S. Don’t mind the time… I’m scheduling this to post later on in the day when it’s not midnight… haha