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Finally, here’s the performance to >>this<< stage. Sadly, it’s only a fancam šŸ˜¦

Is it just me or does Jessi sound like she doesn’t give a fuck, which isn’t normal but still… different? It sounds like she’s either off key, really sick (something is up with her sinus ‘cuase she sounds rather nasally), and then at the end it sounds like she’s out of breath. I so want to make a JeNy reference about that last one, but I won’t.

It wouldn’t surprise me if she was sick though. I mean, crammed up in a dorm with other sick girls… And wasn’t Tiffany sick just recently?

Haha šŸ˜€ Sorry. Old habits die hard. But you saw that one coming, didn’t you?

Credit: Prot0908 @YT