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Well, I think maybe it was all of Thailand since this was gathered over there… Either way! SNSD made the list and considering that they’re a girl group and fairly new compared to the rest of the list, it’s quite an accomplishment.

1. TVXQ (more than 50 million votes)
2. Super Junior (more than 25 million votes)
3. Rain (more than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
5. Big Bang (more than 8 hundred thousand votes)
6. SS501
7. F.T Island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10. SHINee
12. BoA
13. Epik High
14. NewS
15. Lollipop
16. Fahrenheit
17. Se7en
18. Girls’ Generation
19. Arashi
20. U-Kiss
21. Zhang Liyin
22. Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23. 2PM
24. Teppei
25. Hey! Say! JUMP
26. Battle
27. Paran
28. Kara
29. Ya-Ya-yah!
30. Jay Chou, X-JAPAN

Sigh, there are so many things wrong with this list in terms of who deserves it and who doesn’t. Then of course, there’s the order of it… But whatever, like I always say, “…people seem to overlook talent. Or hate it.” Whatever, congratulations to everyone.

Credit: Channel V Thaliand

A survey conducted by Arirang TV Showbiz Extra, SNSD was selected by foreigers as the best female singers on. The  survey was done by over 3000 viewers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and America, etc. in over 60 countries.

The results of the survey in the female category:

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae (29.65%)
  2. BoA (29.25%)