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Or should I say, >>“Super cold Update”?<< You know, after giving it some thought… I find it less surprising that that Jessica was asked to perform this song. Noodles are known to be a pretty famous >>after-hangover<< meal… Things just keep on adding up, Jessica!

Consider this post a super update on Park Myung Soo, Jessica, and E-Tribe‘s Naeng Myun promotions. It’ll include an article and two subbed videos 🙂

The cutting/editing wasn’t very well done, but hey… at least I got to see a bit of my After School Sluts<3

Ever since the release of Neang Myun on the 11th, it has been in high demand. MBC especially, the ones that broadcast Infinity Challenge, wants a performance for the new hit summer song that has gotten netizens abuzz. Fans of the show have also requested a return or second performance for Naeng Myun and asked for a music video as well! Even MBC Music Core‘s message boards have been flooded with comments suggesting a performance for the project duo. Some netizens even say that it’s no longer TaeYeon or Yoona who are pulling SNSD’s popularity forward outside of the group, but the ‘Ice Princess’ herself! Way to go, Boss!

This sort of high demand and popularity won’t keep the song from reaching it’s full potential. SM Entertainment makes no oppositions to further promote the song but there is one factor.

Park Myung Soo’s health has been keeping him from fulfilling such requests and further promotion for the song. He is currently recovering from Hepitits A and suffered from Jaundice on the 3rd, which ironically is what sailors used to suffer from due to the lack of fruits on ships. So much for the sailor concept, eh? Despite his health conditions, the comedian and singer hopeful continued activities in his regular shows which also includes a radio show and KBS2 Happy Together: Season 3. Get well soon!

If Myung Soo can not recover in time, SM Entertainment stated that they will keep Jessica busy with comeback activities and promotions for SNSD’s latest single, Tell Me Your Wish, Genie.There might be a surprise performance on broadcast or this could be possible during SNSD’s own concert.”

Looks like Naeng Myun won’t be disappearing from the top searches on line either as even their back up dancers are getting a lot of attention. As netizens found, the famous dance group, Idmyo, who has danced with many famous Korean singers like DBSK, performed as back up dancers for Myung Soo and Jessica. The choreography was put together with Jessica as well!

Korean Article Credit: Newsen + Sosiz.net