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KYAH~ Okay, the new MBC Music Core performance for Tell Me Your Wish Genie should be posted soon by one of our staff writers but I had to >>post this before anyone<< else could. I was so ready for bed but it’s a good thing I checked YouTube Subscriptions first 😀 Hahaha, Cindy’s probably just gonna smack her forehead and say “Go, figure”. Am I right?

Credit: Prot0908 @YT

This is his goodbye stage ;_; BUT, I was watching a Korean-American radio show today and it said that K.Will will be working on his second album and like all his other songs, he’ll be collaborating with famous people. Woohoo!

I have yet to watch the performance, I just had to post it first. So comments come later 🙂

Edit: Damn, it really sounded like Tiffany struggled. But I guess she still did pretty well during the climax of her verses. Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to me? The dancers should be the ones hosting and DJ-ing so the singers can reserve their voices for singing! I was quite surprised that she was able to pull that note off at 3:03/3:04.

Sigh, forgive me for critiquing as I always do :T Just sayin’. But  I will say, slight voice cracking and all, I always found this song to be very cute because of Tiffany’s voice; it just really fits the lyrics. And I can’t stress enough how smart K.Will was to choose Tiffany out of all the members of SNSD for this song.

Okay, one more before I go >.> I noticed how Tiffany seems to be screaming into the mic… rather unnecessarily. Tiff, I seriously hope you listen to your members when they tell you to turn your Mp3 player down. Ears are just as important to a singer or musician as is your voice (vocal chords), lungs, and diaphragm. Just ask Ayumi Hamasaki.

Man, wasn’t K.Will Tiffany just dreamy?~