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Okay, so it’s 23:50 and I just got back from seeing The Proposal with hottttttiiiiie (was that emphasis enough?) Ryan Reynolds and beautiful, miss talented, Sandra Bullock and now…. I have nothing to do cuz my mom told me to get my ass home early this time 😦 Sigh, Asian parents. Why don’t they go on longer vacations?!

Anyway, so it’s too early to update anything new about SNSD and now I’m quite bored because you can only chat with your friends for so long before the chats seem to form its own e-silence (wow Maria, you sound sooo cool making up internet words). So I decided… 😀 Why not have some fun? It’s been a while since I’ve done something to make Cindy our readers happy, right? So I decided, since I’ve been pretty much quiet with my real thoughts on the MV, song, and comeback performance to share just a smidgen of what I want to get off my chest.

Earlier today, Soofany posted SNSD’s first >>comeback performance<< since Gee and I noticed that out of the three color codes I posted for the lyrics, we had a lot wrong! I was fooled! It upset me that I couldn’t even tell that Tiffany had so many lines in this song. It might have to do with the fact that although she’s considered as one of the four main singers, she barely gets any line in any of SNSD’s own songs. Either way, I was quite surprised to see that she had so many lines…compared to Jessica! Jessica’s only real job in this song was to lead the chorus harmonies.

And that’s where I got to thinking.

I know why now! I know why Jessica doesn’t have any lines and why Tiffany has more lines than usual! Tiffany and Jessica, like Yuri and Yoona, took care of business and made some deals for this comeback. I think the bros (Jessica and Yuri) devised a plan to make some business interactions with their girls, Tiffany and Yoona, so they can get what they want. The reward? Jessica has a good business meeting with Tiffany in exchange for giving her the lines Jessica would normally get in the song and in the live performances (picture evidence can be seen below). And because of Yuri’s efforts to satisfy Yoona’s end of the deal, she got to take the lead in pictures and dances

But none of these transactions were possible without the help of the Right Hand Man, Sooyoung.

And you thought I was kidding about Kkangpae Shidae?! HA!

Anyway, the evidence of the aftermath of the meeting are below as promised. You may be a bit confused and say to yourselves that the pictures seem… a bit reversed. One can only conclude that the Boss tricked the Lady into thinking she controlled the deals for the proposal. You know, a little reverse psychology where Tiffany fights hard for her lines and shows why she wants deserves them but in the end, it’s Jessica who wins.

XD These girls just make it too easy for me.

Anyway, for more pictures >>click here<< and wait for the page to load until it automatically directs you to reply #199 for all 21 photos. Don’t you just love how Sooyoung gets the weapons in her pictures? hahahahhahaahaha

Now that that’s out the way, I can move onto what I thought SNSD really fooled me about.

It starts with Tiffany’s hair. I was so excited that she was growing her hair, especially since they were coming back. I was even more happy to see that they put Laura Craft hair extensions on her… Then for the comeback they chop it all off T_T wth. Then they tell us that Rino from Beak Freakz is choreographing Tell Me Your Wish, Genie and I automatically grow excited for the new comeback. But, I see the teaser, and I began to have doubts (sorry SNSD!). BUT then, I heard the entire song and I felt like SNSD just pulled another fast one on me because I totally saw the dance potential the song had, I mean COME ON, that beat? It’s a dance song,  no doubt. Sigh, then the MV gets delayed and I stayed up to have only 3 hours of sleep on a day that I had to be gone from my home for more than half the day to find that it was gonna come out late at night. But what do I get? Shimmy shimmy, hula hoop, slide to the right, wave x2, shimmy shimmy, point your toes, swing your hips side to side, shimmy shimmy, and point your toes even wider. T___________T. So then I thought, let’s be optimistic! It’s just for the sake of a sexy video, of course the performance will have better dance moves. SNSD, you fooled me again.

Sigh, I feel like Dave Chappelle just slapped me in the face and said, “Gotcha, bitch!”.