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Maybe it was the death of Michael Jackson (R.I.P.), maybe it was the vibration from the riled up crowd, or maybe it was the Gods telling the girls they better fix their dance up or there’s a plot to kill someone at Music Bank… Either way, there was an accident that sent a few to the hospital, including SHINee’s Onew. Hope he’s okay! If he comes back with a new nose this time >:| then I know this was staged.

It happened during SNSD’s encore where part of the stage fell off and it startled everyone.

Hahah, dang, look at Yuri’s super grip. Hmmm, I guess it’s bad that I’m more interested in their reactions than the accident?

Hahaaaaa, I guess Jessica didn’t have time to put her tights her special yellow hoodie on and save the stage…

Credit: Tama Mama @JPHIP