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No time to be cool and spazz. I’ll be back in a bit to do it, so for now enjoy!

Hello!! So I am back! What do I have to say for today? Well, could you hear the crowd? If you couldn’t, then you must have muted your sound system! Fanboys, you guys are the best! Thats why they win today @ music core! I felt so happy to hear the support for our girls! Fangirls, you need to be louder!

MC Cuts – Sorry Yuri, but Tiffany stole the show today with her amazing star necklace and cute german (?) braids. As usual, there were lots of YulTi moments, or perhaps more than usual? (*wink wink* Tiffany touched Yuri‘s “heart”… Sica Many fanboys must have been raging… or super jealous.)

Etude – Sugary Sweet with a hint of rap, their outfits were very sweet too. Seohyun was so cute with her hat and Tiffany sooo pretty with her bow and extensions. The vocals were super good, but it felt like the girls took a step back instead of stepping forward in their music growth with all these cutsy sugary stuff.

Genie – I’m starting to like this song more and more. The girls didn’t sing as well as last night, but their dance were definitely MUCH better in terms of coordination. I still find the whole dance blah, and I’m starting to hate the part where they do hand twirls, esp the end when they stand in a diagonal line. I feel really bad to be talking about so many negative things so back to the positives! I LOVED the uniforms today, SUPER SMEXY. And I dont know if it was because they weren’t in heels, but they danced much better and looked much more youthful. And today they actually focused on Hyoyeon for her solo. Good job camera man! And it was so cute how Hyo passed her mic to Tae. I wasn’t feeling much for her solo though, she didn’t even look hot, just cute. (Oh and the Music Core stage was awesome!).

So that’s it for today, but just an extra thought: I wonder what would have happened if they promoted Himnae as a comeback instead of a secondary for Gee mini album. I just think Himnae’s meaningful lyrics, rocking styles, good routine, and awesome vocals would have made a better comeback… and the more I think about it, it makes sense! Oh well, who am I to judge on SM? But SM, I swear Genie would have had so much more potential if the routine was better.

Sigh. What are the chances of SM changing the routine?!?!?