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Yes! Another 1000 Song Challenge! I’ve been deprived of their radio performances, so seeing YuLTI here is even better! Since they were defending champs, they got to sing a lot more ^^ and they sang a few of my favourite songs! There were lots of cute teamwork moments in today’s show, and Tiffany gives some love to YoonA and Jessica as she picked #530 and #418 ^^!!

Part 1/4:

Part 2/4

Part 3/4

Part 4/4

Vid Credits: proto980  @ youtube

Í apologize if you’re reading the following “OMG SUMMARY” atm because Yuri’s songs are not filled in yet. I have no clue what the titles are NOT because I favor Tiffany and only watched her part, I watched the whole thing (twice!!!). Not only were Tiffany’s songs more recongnizable by the younger generation (HAHA i’m calling myself young.. weeee!!!), she had lots of uploads so it was really easy to find the song titles but for Yuri I tried really hard searching it up. but no luck. So if anyone has a moment after enjoying the show ^^ please leave the titles of Yuri’s songs so I can fill it in, thank you!

Yuri starts off by singing this a song… and I have no clue what the song name but it sounds really old. She does a good job and escapes elimination. Then Tiffany does a love job singing Already One Year – which is one of my all time favourite song. And gah! She didn’t get to do the rapping part! Too bad! Tiffany sings Son Dambi’s On a Saturday Night lol! Hmm she sounds a bit shakier in this one but also succeeds into moving on to next round!

So… I spoke way too soon about being dissappointed that Tiffany didn’t rap, because she did the rap for SES’s I’m Your Girl! LOVED IT! Then she passes it onto Yuri, who sings the song… hmm a bit shakey here. Then Tiffany sings Someday... goes out of tune durin this tiny part, other wise a another lovely and passionate performance. (I swear they pass Tiff all the sappy sad songs on purpose!

Some woman sings Girls Generation and YuLTi joins in with some dancing, cute! Tiffany sings Finkl’s Now afterwards, no surprises there! She doesn’t sing it with as much passion as she did when she performed it on MuBank but I think it had to do with the addition of dance, outfits, hair, and props (giant fan to make her hair all wooshy) to us viewers. Yuri follows up with another song (no clue what it is again ><).. and then…

OH MY GOD TIFFANY SINGS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE SONG COVERED BY HER ON A RADIO!!! THIS IS FATE!!! I’m not going to tell so you have to go watch and enjoy the perf yourself! And OFCOURSE, she does a fabulous job! And it ends with Ms. Non-Stop Dancing Beauty Yuri singing another song AND THEY DEFEND THEIR CHAMPION STATUS AGAIN! GOOO YuLTi!!!

I absolutely cannot wait for next week.

*adds* Oh i just realize I spent all this time spazzing over their singing and songs that I forgot to add, THEY LOOKED FABULOUS. I loved Tiff‘s new hairstyle and cute outfit, plus Yuri’s usual stylish white pants and vest combination!