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Not that I mind.

So as you may or may not have known, Mnet always does these Super 100 lists (T_T I still haven’t been able to to find the top 75 May Bride clips yet… I know 75-26 should be out by now… grr!!!), and I’ve always find them ridiculously LONG.

But back to KBS. So the following is a clip where they count how many seconds each girl has solo-time on camera during Gee.

Vid Credits: yuriyuri1111

Taeyeon – 21 secs
Tiffany – 17 secs
Jessica – 16 secs
YoonA – 10 secs
HyoYeon – 10 secs <- i should be burned. T_T Sorry HyoYeon, I love you dancing queen!
Yuri – 7 secs
SeoHyun – 6 secs
Sunny – 6 secs
SooYoung – 5 secs

Not really that surprised to see TaeYeon, Tiffany, and Jessica at the top since they have most parts, though technically speaking Jessica has the most parts since she does the intro, a solo, and addlibs at the end. Surprised to see Seohyun at the bottom, but since this new promotion her parts have been considerably less compared to the past… I guess SM is trying to be more even, which is nice. To ask for “equalness” is ridiculous, but atleast it shows they are trying!