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It’s… Tim Gil. I know what you’re all thinking, ewwwww LOL but I actually like this dude! He was really funny on kho kho single tour and a cuuple of other shows. I have no clue what they’re saying, hoping for subs, but for now to people who can understand korean: enjoy!

Video Credit: f1am30n @ youtube

and here’s a loose translation done by beanie in the comment section, thank you so much!

it’s from infinite challenge…and i think they had some sort of challenge/mission or something (kinda hard without context)…but basically gil called tiffany and asked if she could eat with them, and she asked if she could bring the rest of the members along…hence the “call!” and excitement from the rest of the guys…

ahaha, then gil asked fany when their schedule ended…and she replied 12 o’ clock (i’m thinking midnight). so with meal plans fizzled, gil went on being his usual thick-skinned self to secure a rain check by telling fany to call and text him next time while the rest of the guys (yoo jae-suk and noh hong-chul) were telling fany to hang up and that she was being too nice to gil.

that’s the gist of the clip…”

oh and keke don’t hate on gil! XD its scripred, every show needs a “bad” guy! Honestly, i bet he is really nice to the girls off camera x)!