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You ever meet someone whose voice doesn’t match their face?  Or someone whose  quirks surprise the hell out of you when you least expect it?

Meet Kim TaeYeon.

work it out girl.

The bite-sized vocal powerhouse extraordinaire,


forever fated high school rival of Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye,

What're we gonna do with you...

and member of the elite-group SNSD of K-Pop leaders.

...Park Gahi would be the lead dancer...

Once upon a time, when I used to live in our leader’s hometown, I had the pleasure of meeting Tae’s wonderful and beautiful mother. (Look at me using a nickname of hers like we’re real life friends hahaha.) Thank you and your husband for creating such a fine specimen!

WAIT... Dad did WHAT with Mom?

Happy 24th birthday Kim DorkYeon. (You’re almost an ahjumma now.)  Let’s be friends next lifetime.