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It has been revealed that SNSD’s dorm is a staggering 100 pyeong (3,600 sq ft), which has been gaining a lot of attention online lately.  That’s bigger than my parent’s 2 story house!  And absolutely kills my condo in size!

Mnet’s program “Wide Entertainment News” aired February 27th, did a segment on the “2012 girls group ranking,” which rated girl groups based on their living accommodations.  The broadcast revealed the size of SNSD’s dorm, stating the living room area in itself was a staggering 30 pyeong (1080 sq ft).  That is one ridiculously large living room by any standard!

According to a real estate agent, SNSD’s dorm would draw a deposit of around 100 million Won (that’s about $100,000!).  The monthly rent was estimated at 4 to 6 million Won ($4,000 to $6,000), and in terms of buying the property, it would cost an estimated 800 to 900 million Won.  That’s almost $1 million USD!

According to the broadcast, the main reason why they are living in this luxurious dorm is because it is 5 minutes from SM’s building, has a high level of security and maintains our girls privacy.

Wow, that is a lot of money to be dishing out monthly to house our girls!  But you know what, they are definitely worth every penny!  Just look at how hard they work for us to provide us top notch entertainment.  Very little sleep, super busy schedules daily and pushing themselves to the limit all the time (and sometimes over, think Sunny fainting on stage during the 1st Arena Tour).  It must be absolute CHAOS in the morning when they are getting ready.  If you can see in the picture, I believe the 9 girls share only 3 bathrooms, with one being inside Sica and Sooyoung’s room.  If I were you, I’d stay out of their way in the morning, haha.  Or, you could just be lazy Sica and not get up until everyone is done and have all 3 of yourself, haha.

Credits: fanwonder.com