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Remember NY1’s Lewis Dodley who covered SMTown in NYC back in November? (You’ll probably remember him as the super friendly black dude who complimented Taeyeon’s voice – in Korean.) Well here’s his follow-up coverage on SNSD’s – and Hallyu’s – ongoing venture into the United States. Dodley interviews the girls about their performances on Letterman and Live! with Kelly, and also discusses other K-pop stars and their success in the US (including interviews with Boa and SHINee’s Key).

From the original article:

It was a dream come true for the nine members of Girls’ Generation and their company, SM Entertainment. In another first for the group from South Korea, they were in the national spotlight last month performing on the Late Show with David Letterman.

They also graced the set of “Live with Kelly” as part of a whirlwind 24 hours to promote their first English single, “The Boys.”

“It’s absolutely a dream come true,” said group member Tiffany following the appearances. “It’s still amazing that we were on the show and we’re just thankful that we’re having so much of an experience.”

Asked if the group was nervous appearing on American television, she laughed.

“We enjoyed it – we totally enjoyed it on stage,” she said. “During rehearsals we were a bit jet-lagged, but once the camera turned on we were screaming, whoo! It was the first time we ever performed with live fans, and that sounded really cool.”


“I just feel like we’re just starting and we still have a long way up the stairs,” echoes Tiffany. “So we’re just going to work hard for it.”

(4:57) When asked about their goal, Tiffany joked, “World domination!” before answering sincerely, “My goal for this group is just sticking together as long as possible. Forever – but forever is kind of impossible. But as long as possible. I mean, we grew up together and… it’s so hard to come by a group of nine girls [who have been together] for this long as well, and I hope that this can go on.”

Dodley then playfully interjected, “Yeah, but except for maknae-ssi, you’re all 21 so when is it going to be Women’s Generation?” to which a cheerful Tiffany exclaimed, “When we get married!”

Source: NY1.com