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With the Boys comeback well on its way, the girls of SNSD have been invading all areas of South Korean media, making appearances on national news, music shows, variety shows and, of course, radio.

Radio boras are, in my opinion, the best kinds of Soshi appearances. While varieties offer the girls’ reactions and amusing antics in various situations, the natural, laid back setting of radio shows makes their interactions with each other all the more candid and entertaining. The fact that radio is immediately broadcasted and therefore unaltered means that discussions are genuine and spontaneous, and always provides us with new insight into the minds of these remarkable women.

So here’s what you missed this past week and a bit: SNSD on radio edition!

111021 – Sukira Radio
[full subbed (SoShi Subs)]

Two days before performing at Madison Square Garden for SMTown Live in NYC, all nine members joined Leeteuk and Eunhyuk for Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio. While SNSD were there, the table discussed the new album and preparations for their comeback (and the dove from the MV pooping on Sunny), listened to and sung songs from The Boys, including the ballad How Great Is Your Love and Say Yes, and even partied it up at the very end. Yeah, I wanna go clubbing with Soshi, too.

Fantaken pics compilation [download link] – cr: Fraker_YA

Summary of the radio show: (via @imwhywhy)

  • The ‘sitting down’ part of the dance is the coolest but most difficult; it made it difficult for the girls to go up and down stairs.
  • Leeteuk said Seohyun has become more mature and doesn’t look like the maknae. Fany screamed at that comment.
  • SNSD use a smartphone chatroom to communicate. When asked who uses it most often, Yoona said Taeyeon. Hyoyeon doesn’t really participate.
  • During The Boys MV shooting, the dove (in Sica’s hands) pooed on Sunny’s shoulder. Taeyeon says she witnessed it.
  • The girls liked the beat of The Boys when they first heard it. Yuri said that the sound and beat was familiar to her.
  • Most members love meat the most; when they were asked about their favourite food in Japan, Sunny says that most of them love sweet food like ice cream.
  • What changed the most in SNSD? They chose the 2nd choice: their characters changed a lot, became brighter.
  • Leeteuk: Do you think that you’re pretty? Girls: Um.. just like this.. if we put on make-up…
  • Who became prettier? Taeyeon: Seohyun. Hyoyeon: Sooyoung.
  • Leeteuk: Please give some advice on WGM as a senior. Taeyeon: It’s going to end anyway…
  • Taeyeon: If there’re activities overseas, we would like to go. Leeteuk: Your English is good too. Fany: Are you referring to Taeyeon? Leeteuk: Is Taeyeon’s English good? Taeyeon: NO.
  • Hyoyeon admits to being the worst at pronouncing English words

Partying it up with SNSD!

Fancams: Jessica [1, 2] / Yoona / Seohyun [1, 2] / Hyoyeon and Tiffany / Yuri / Sunny [1, 2]

111021 – SBS Power FM
[official pic] [full subbed (Soshi Subs)]

After Sukira, the ladies then headed off to their next schedule, Jung Sunhee’s midnight radio show on SBS Power FM, which lasted until 2 in the morning. (Unfortunately, it was not viewable radio.)

With all members present, they each answered the pressing question, “During your most difficult time, what song helped you overcome that hardship?” explaining why they had chosen their particular song and the various hardships they’ve faced.

List of chosen songs:

  • Tiffany – “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato
  • Yoona – “Someday” by IU
  • Yuri – “One Candle” by G.O.D
  • Seohyun – “A Goose Dream” by Insooni
  • Sooyoung – “Perfect” by P!nk
  • Taeyeon – “Cry” by Kelly Clarkson
  • Sunny – “Happy Song” by Blackstreet
  • Jessica – “Empire State of Mind” by JayZ feat Alicia Keys
  • Hyoyeon – “We No Speak Americano” (Myd Remix) by Yolanda Be Cool & DCup

I absolutely adore the fact that some members chose depressing as fuck ballads, whereas Hyoyeon stuck with a fast-tempo house song.

Source: soompi.com (click to read more about the reasons behind Yoona’s choice)

111027 – Chin Chin Radio
(Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, Sunny)
[full unsubbed]

Despite returning from New York City that morning, performing on M! Countdown earlier in the day and winning, SNSD still had the energy to participate on Taeyeon’s old radio show that evening.

Translations (via @imwhywhy)

If Seohyun was a man, which member would she be unable to date?

Sunny: No matter who she is, better not be someone who’s here now.
DJ: Let me give a hint, it’s one of you here.
Hyoyeon: I think it’s me.
Sica: I think it’s me, because I’m too different from Seohyun, so things that Seohyun won’t understand… (interrupted), if this question is for me, I would have chosen Seohyun too.
Hyoyeon: I think it’s me, because I bully Seohyun too often. Not the other 8 members, just her.
Sooyoung: But Seohyun really likes you a lot.
Hyoyeon: I think this is annoying.
Sooyoung: I think it’s Hyoyeon too, because I’ve never seen Hyoyeon being serious, she can’t stand serious atmosphere.
Sunny: But from what I know, she’s serious when she’s with Seohyun.
Sooyoung: (to Hyoyeon) So I’m not close with you, that’s why…
DJ: Audiences chose Seohyun (herself), Sooyoung, Sica…
Sunny: Until now, only my name is not mentioned. I think it’s me.
Sooyoung: It can be Sunny because she can’t bbo bbo (pecks/light kisses).
Hyoyeon: Why?
Sooyoung: Because she’s too short.
Sunny: Thanks…
DJ: Why do you think yourself?
Sunny: Because I’m also violent towards Seohyun.
Sica: But Seohyun won’t keep it to herself.
Sooyoung: You won’t know if she holds something against you, wanting to hit you…
Seohyun: No!!
Sunny: Doesn’t Seohyun have something like Death Note?
Sica: (into mic) Everyone, Seohyun has a Death Note, she writes in it every night.
Seohyun: The answer is Soonkyu unnie. Because unnie keeps changing her ideal type; if I’m a guy, I will be stressed.
Sunny: What kind of guys who meet me won’t feel anxious? Hahahahaha~ I’m sorry…

SNSD banter is the best. I’m just gonna go ahead and believe that Seohyun really does have a Death Note and instead of apples, her Death God eats sweet potatoes; why else would she always carry them around?

More pics can be found here.

111027 – Ten Ten Club Radio
(Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun)
[full subbed (SoShi Subs)] [full unsubbed] [official pic]

111001 – KBS Cool FM Pump Up the Volume (with Sunny!)
[full unsubbed] [official pics]

The return of DJ Soon! Well, she only made an appearance as a special DJ for the night but it was delightful to see her back on the airwaves since hosting the radio show Chunji with Suju’s Sungmin back in SNSD’s debut days.

And I know what you’re thinking: what happened to Sunny’s blonde wig?! Yup, our Sunny bunny officially cut her locks and is rocking the short hair for real. :3

Fancams of Sunny oppa: 1, 2, 3, 4

111002 – MBC Shim Shim Tapa (Starry Night) Radio
(Sooyoung, Seohyun, Jessica, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yuri)
[full unsubbed/raw] [full English subbed (Soshi Subs)]

And finally, six members guested on Shindong’s Shim Shim Tapa Radio on which they had plenty to talk about, topics ranging from their new album to Soshi secrets. Check out some of the translations below!

Translations (via @imwhywhy): (1) Tiffany on their comeback, (2) ‘how well do you know the Boys album?’ quiz, (3) Seohyun introduces Say Yes, (4) ‘how well do you know Soshi secrets?’ quiz, (5) last words

Shindong: Sooyoung-ssi, please reveal a secret.
Sooyoung: Yuri…. once on a plane… wet her pants.
Shindong: We can’t listen anymore, let’s end it here. If we listen more, we might make mistakes and imagine weird things.
Yuri: NO!! You must know the entire story
Sooyoung: Yuri wet her butt, damply… and the plane landed.
Shindong: Let’s read messages first.. XXX said, “Uh ah! Wet pants?”, 3024 said, “Yuri unnie, I’m disappointed.”
Sooyoung: She needs time to explain.
Shindong: Wait a moment, 33018 said, “Is it something I’m imagining…?”
Yuri: *screams* I was just… Sleeping…. Ki-Myo-Yeon (Kim Hyoyeon) who was beside me…. Just poured… orange juice… onto my pants. So my butt was just wet… I didn’t know it was orange juice… I thought it was water…
Shindong: Did the plane land with you in that situation?
Yuri: No, because it’s a long hour fight, first I changed… changed…
Shindong: Let’s end this here! Thank you!

More pics here and here. Makeup-less shi dae is gorgeous.

Credits: thanks to all uploaders, fancammers, subbers, translators; cited/linked above where appropriate.