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Not quite what I was looking for google, but I guess it’ll do. LOL

On 11/11/01 (or 11/01/11 depending on where you live), an episode of Strong Heart was aired that revealed some stories of Jessica and Seohyun’s strong hearts, but in two different meanings of the word.

According to Jesshika’s story on the show, one time while heading back to the soshidorm at night, she was followed by a mysterious gentleman into their keypad-secured building. Luckily nothing happened to the Ice Princess, but I’ll leave the details to sica in the video below:

cr; taenacity@youtube

The situation certainly sounded scary, and would’ve been really bad had the guy been armed with a cucumber!

The second story from Strong Heart comes from SM family’s Dana of CSJH. As a vocal trainer for various artists such as Tiffany, Yoona, Seohyun, and Sulli, she talked about her experience in training soshi’s maknae in particular. Dana commented on Seobaby’s stubbornness, stating:

Although Seohyun’s image doesn’t show it, but she was persistent and stubborn. She would reply ‘Ah. I see. I understood’ in a polite manner but after that, she would continue to repeat what she did before. I think her stubborness is what brings out the charm in the unique Girls’ Generation maknae, Seohyun now.

Quite fitting for the maknae, and definitely one of her charms that makes her so unique. So Yonghwa, how are you handling that strong hearted girl of yours? 🙂

translation/credits: fanwonder/reviewstar.net