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SNSD at Sooyoung’s sister, Soojin’s musical

Looks like Sooyoung went to watch her unni’s muscial again! This time with Yoong and Taeng in tow. 🙂

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“Devil-like” Jessica?

Y-Star’s “Curiosity” conducted a survey among 200 Japanese tourists in Myeongdong, Seoul to find out more about the girl’s popularity in Japan.

Not only did the Japanese tourists know of SNSD, but could even list the names and individual characteristics of the girls! The ‘Gee Fever Pandemic‘ is getting worse! 😀

Queen of chic ‘Ice Princess’ Sica got an especially interesting assessment, with the Japanese fans dubbing her ‘like the devil’. No no no, not cause she’ll ninja kick you to the other end of the earth if you try to take Yuri/Fany from her… YulTiSic FTW! In Japan, ‘like the devil’ in this aspect refers to her possessing a ‘lethal beauty’ (those eyes can pierce through the hardest of hearts, nod nod). Jessica got 22% of the votes placing her 3rd in terms of popularity in the survey, while Taeyeon and Yoona were vying for the top spot.


The girls have been chosen as J.Estina’s newest campaign models!

J.Estina stated:

Not only are they a popular girl group, but they have gone from Asia’s top stars to ‘global culture icons’ as the center of the K-Pop wave that’s been taking over the world.  The way they’re going forward is similar to that of J.Estina.  That is the reason why they fit the ‘real princess’ concept that J.Estina is pushing.

The Girls’ Generation bags will be of a backpack style carrying J.Estina’s distinct floral pattern. The bags will be released in brown and ivory for the 2011 Fall/Winter season while a specially designed red studded version will be released for the 2012 Spring/Summer season in October.

Earlier in the week, Sooyoung & Seohyun had participated in a photoshoot for J.Estina handbags.

Jessica and Tiffany for Cresyn Headphones

Simplicity at it’s best. 🙂

Hyoyeon, Sooyoung & Yuri @ Dalgona eng subbed

If haven’t already watched it, courtesy of SoShi Subs, HyoSooRi cuts from Ep 17 of Dalgona has been english subbed! Everyone loves them pink subs. ^_^ In the episode – Soo’s first love, Hyo’s sentence mistakes and Yul & her mirror.

Alternate link (Dailymotion)

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