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On Sunday 2nd October, six members of SNSD appeared on Running Man…

With the girls each paired with a Running Man and split into three teams, they must carry out and complete various tasks presented by the production crew, some of which are mentioned in the title above, to ultimately win the Couples Race.

Without revealing too much, we see some very amusing antics from everyone, Running Men and SNSD members alike. You really can’t keep yourself from laughing out loud. Off the top of my head, look out for Jessica’s beaming aegyo throughout the episode, the dorkiness of HahaTaeng couple, and Yuri and Yoona’s ‘bounce’ dance near the end (and Taeyeon’s epic reaction face to it!)… and so much more. Next week’s episode with the girls is undoubtedly going to be as awesome as this one.

Full subbed episode – SoshiSubs (Youtube):

Alternate links:
SoshiSubs (Dailymotion): part 1 | 2

You can also download the full episode over at Soshified (membership and 50 posts are required) or on kshownow.net. Please be sure to thank the subbing teams for all their hard work on these speedy releases!

Next week’s preview (air date: October 9th)

Credit: SoshiSubs