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The girls have finished performing at the K-Pop All Star Live in Niigata concert!

SNSD performed the Korean renditions of four hit songs: Run Devil Run, Hoot, Gee and Oh! The concert also saw a beautiful duet by the much adored Sweet Potato couple, Jung Yonghwa of CN Blue and SNSD’s very own Seohyun. All I can say is listen to their harmony. Absolutely stunning.

MCs Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yuri also did a great job hosting the concert, and looked flawless in their dresses.

As reported earlier, proceeds from the MBC-organised event went towards reconstruction projects in the earthquake- and tsunami- affected areas. As many as 300 students attended the concert for free.

Check out their performances below!

MC cuts:

Banmal Song:

Run Devil Run:

Hoot, Gee, talk, and Oh!:



Just a little tidbit: Jessica posted a few UFO replies while waiting backstage.

Credit: beeichigo@sweetpotatodays.com; peacefulda, tswmv, arumats03, Secret4everTime2, TheKristenJo (@youtube.com); imwhywhy, MBCnest (@twitter.com)