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Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung have been selected to host the “K-POP All Star Live in Niigata” concert on August 20th!

The event, which will be held at Niigata’s Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium, is expected to attract a 46,000 strong audience, which has lead organisers to say that it will be the largest Korean music concert to be held in Japan thus far. July 13th’s KBS Music Bank Special in Tokyo (held at the Tokyo Dome) had an audience of appromixately 45,000 people.

There is no doubt that the three will do well as hosts: Sooyoung is the most proficient member in Japanese while both Tiffany and Yuri hosted the popular music show Music Core.

The MBC-sponsored event is organised in support of the earthquake reconstruction efforts in Japan. All junior high school students who have been evacuated to Niigata will be invited to the concert.

Not only will the three members be hosting the event, but SNSD is also to perform alongside fellow K-Pop groups, including Kara, 2PM, BEAST, CN Blue and 4minute, among others.

Despite only concluding their 1st Japan Arena Tour less than a month ago, the girls are excited to participate in the event. Sooyoung remarked, “In order to give the Japanese fans energy and something to look forward to through the performance, we are preparing very enthusiastically.” Tiffany added, “We just finished our Japan Arena Tour, but I’m happy to be able to meet the Japanese fans, who give us so much love, again in Niigata.”

They love their Japanese fans.

sources: nikkansports.com, hochi.yomiuri.co.jp
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