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Updated: added magazine scans.

SNSD’s Yuri, who was recently praised for her ‘superior genes,’ will be featured in Cosmopolitan’s September issue.

As displayed in the photos that have already surfaced, her shapely figure is the perfect frame for such body-conscious pieces. Her exotic tan skin, sharply defined facial features and long legs are made even more striking by emulating the look of renowned opera singer Maria Callas.

Yuri being featured in Cosmopolitan – a women’s magazine that discusses topics such as sex, relationships, careers, fashion and beauty – only bolsters SNSD’s maturing look.

This issue will most likely coincide with their much anticipated Korean comeback.


Credit: ch0ssi, residentbenchwarmer (@soshified.com)
Images: Cosmopolitan Korea, TV Daily, Nate, (via Soshified)
Scans: kwonyuri125.com