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This September, our girls will be making a comeback in the Korean music industry with a new full album!

According to Soompi, local media reported that they have been working on their album lately and after debating the right timing, they’ve settled for next month.

“SNSD has been rumored to return sometime this fall, and to my knowledge, they set their comeback date to September. They’re busy recording their new songs right now, so depending on their progress, the release date could change 1-2 weeks,” an industry official told local media.

[Quoted from Soompi]

Considering that our girls released their second full-length album, “Oh!”, last year in January, this means the upcoming third album will be their first full-length album release after a year and eight months. 

And though SM has been cautious and secretive about the upcoming album, there has been rumors and tidbits surfacing regarding the concept and song-writers involved.

Rumors has it that the concept may perhaps be fairies and vampires. 

Fairies: Sunny, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, and Yoona

Vampires: Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Taeyeon

(Recent pictures of Sooyoung, Tiffany, and Seohyun from a mysterious photoshoot have surfaced and it may be related to their new concept)

[RUMORS] One of the girl who still haven’t experienced short hair will cut her hair short for their comeback….

[RUMOR] Girls’ Generation ‘s repackaged album will be in Vampire concept.

[RUMOR] For the comeback , Tiffany hair’s colour will be hot red instead of pink.

There has also been rumors on the album’s tracklist: 

SNSD 3rd Album – End Of A Fairytale (Tracklist)
1. End Of A Fairytale
2. Angry
3. Legends Never Die
4. Mr. Taxi (Korean Ver.)
5. Blow Your Fuse
6. Hoot
7. Undone
8. Misery
9. Venom
10. No Man’s Land
11. Let It Rain (Korean Ver.)

In addition, a tibit has revealed that American singer-songwriter and record producer, Teddy Riley, who worked with Michael Jackson and Bobby Brown before, has been working with our girls for the upcoming album.

Notably, this coming fall, there are many girl groups set to make a comeback. KARA has recently announced that they’ll be making a comeback in September and Brown Eyed Girls are rumored to make their comeback sometime soon as well. With the finalization of our girls’ comeback, there’ll be a fierce competition among the girl groups.

Because of this, one singer’s management company has revealed that they will be pushing back their original September comeback date to October to avoid a one-on-one competition,

One member in the music industry explained, “As it is expected for all attention to be focused on Girls’ Generation, a face-to-face competition is meaningless. You have to keep in mind that if they release a full-length album, Girls’ Generation could take over the higher parts of music charts.”

[Quoted from Soshified]

This fall, the Korean music industry is definitely going to be exciting. I can’t wait for the girls to be promoting again.

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