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Everybody still reeling from the latest comeback news and Taeyeon’s teaser picture?

It took about 5-hours of spazzing and a cold shower for me to return to some form of normality, however I’m still flustered by it all – THE GIRLS’ ARE COMING BACK and it’s going to be nothing but excitement and anticipation from here on out!

Yes, SM Entertainment have officially kicked themselves into gear, and with the promise of more comeback teasers and updates over the next 9 days, SONEs are going to have a ball feeding their Soshi addiction.

The funny thing is, is that whilst we were patiently impatiently waiting for concrete information from SME, ever since the comeback was hinted at back in August; the SONE and greater K-pop community have been busy trying to crack the “comeback” code with, dare I say, nothing but speculation and rumor. Yet this whole time, the girls’ themselves have been playing us, teasing us, as they do, dropping us hints about their comeback in the most vague ways possible.

Take these “riddles” for what you will:

I see what you did there.

Sunny’s UFO response back in August – BOYS’:

One of Sooyoung’s recent UFO responses:

Notice the additional 오 meaning 5 in Korean, after the characters 진짜로 meaning “for real”. 5 as in an October 5th release date? Hrmm…

And Jessica knew it all along @ 1:32 (regarding an English version of the comeback single?):

Share your thoughts and any other hints you may have come across in the comments section below. Not long to go now!

Credits: girlsgeneration.smtown.com, imwhywhy@twitter, soshifiedgenie15@youtube; pictures as tagged.

Tidbit: Oh dear, I foresee a lot of cold showers ahead.