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Hey you Gorjess Spazzers! You may be aware that Jessica has been a bit of a globetrotter as of late, taking trips to both New York and Bangkok within the span of a week.

And wherever she goes, it’s guaranteed that Jessica never ceases to attract the attention of fans!

But thanks to their efforts, we have some awesome photos and fancams of Sica’s recent stay in Bangkok, and shots of her return to Korea a couple of days ago. So hit the jump to check them out!

Jessica the STYLE ICON strikes again! Her latest fashion accessory? The beverage cup and straw combo!

Credit: K3A9OR1@soompi, smurfette_pat@soompi, ErenSNSD@soompi, moon_caroline@soshified, boom-snsd@soshified, JeTHiL@soshified; pictures as tagged; respective youtube uploaders.

Tidbit 1: According to porkpigger@twitter, Sica’s was in Thailand to collaborate with clothing label Levis.

Tidbit 2: So her manager oppas’ are also attracting some attention for being “hot”… Yes, I am a bit jealous. Ok. No, I am really jealous. It’s not enough that they get to hang with the girls’, but they’re also starting to gain their own fandom. Sigh. Some guys have it so good you know? End rant.