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+ Added Jessture pictures & fancams

Yesterday, the girls were spotted at Incheon airport returning from Guam where they had a photoshoot.

According to fanaccounts, Jessica was especially playful. After arriving, she went to check-in her flight to New York, but she might be transferring to New Hampshire after. (OH YEA~ EAST COAST!)

Check out the fanaccounts, pictures, and fancams!


I shook hand with Sooyoung , Sica and when i said Happy Birthday to Tiffany , she said ” Thank you ” to me

Sooyoung was so kind when i said ” can i shake your hand?” she turned around to see the manager oppa, he was busy to looking for Hyoyeon and Sooyoung shook my hand

I got Sica’s signature when she stood there alone and waiting for her manager oppa to check-in for her daparture

Sica waved to us many many times and i can still remember her smile

The moment when Sooyoung took off her sungglasses i swear my heart stop beating . She is really really really beautiful

Today the girls comeback to Seoul and the weather is very good . They are goddess of fortune lol

cr: chichinhu@Twitter

The girls are sooo beautiful in real life. T_T

And who said Jessica is mean or cold, you should go die somewhere because that kid is adorable.

She do whatever she want and doesn’t care about anything. That’s so lovely to see her playing with straws and pat a kid’s head =)))
Hyoyeon is funny. She said bye with the girls and went to a different way. After that she met them again outside =))))
Jessica is too cute. While waiting for her drink, she played with the straws =)))) even jump up and down a little bit. She looked like a kid
cr: KkabYul1804@Twitter

[Fanacc] The last is Jessica, she came out with the manager and the baggage of the girls. Sica took her baggage out from the group of the girls’ baggage then she went to check-in the flight to heading to New York by herself.

cr: Tumblr & choki2lovejessi@Soompi

Jessica is on her way to New York then New Hampshire ^^

cr: ♥i love_sica♥@Soompi

I wonder if Jessica is going to the states for a photoshoot. I hope she’ll be back for Tiffany’s birthday.

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