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So apparently Shigeru Miyamoto** was wrong. He seems to think that the mushroom princess has gold flowing hair,

likes to get captured by a giant dinosaur dragon,

and awaits rescue from an Italian plumber.

obviously he has never met the eye-smiling princess of the mushroom kingdom

Seriously, other than the fact that they both love pink, he is WAY off the mark!!!

Also, it’s pretty bad that the only help that the blonde mushroom princess can muster is 2 italian plumbers, one of which is obviously overweight :D:D:D:D.

OUR mushroom princess has the support of an entire nations army and a few more million that call themselves SONES.

But joking aside, you guys are reading this due to a wonderful day that brought this smiling angel into our world.

As the American representative along with her sister Jessica (Who was born in the SAME HOSPITAL!!!) Tiffany’s touch of the west trickles here and there in the Soshi family, already being put in the group dubbed “The Americans” By Japanese Sones it’s easy to see the similarities in Jeti, and lets not forget the love that the people from France have given her while they were out doing SMTOWN in Paris.

It’s not to say that Jeti fans get all the love. Taeny fans around the world also got to see the duet of Lady Marmalade as Taeny rocked the stage with flamboyant colours, with Tiffany glowing in her favourite colour of pink.

We say it year in year out, but her smile never ceases to be mentioned every post that she is in. As long as there is a picture of her beautiful infectious smile Tiffany fans fall in love with her all over again. From pictures like the 7-11 promotion, Vita500 or even magazine snippets like VOGUE, Tiffany brings her own shine for fans who can’t get enough of her.

On her own, Tiffany has gotten many chances to individualize herself in the very recent Documentary on Kpop, having her own interview and also having an appearance at the SM writers conference. with her own speech. It is not hard to see why this is a face that SM can rely on for promotion and positive influence.

Tiffany has had her fair share of misfortune through the year, being more accident prone than her sisters she made a giant comeback after a break in Japan, and fans like myself were more than ecstatic to see her back to form.

If you haven’t seen the All About Girls Generation Phuket DVD, not only is it packed with 700 minutes of footage of our girls, but we get to see the usually talkative Tiffany stutter and turn shy in an interview, CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! AND OMG I NEED HER TO COME BACK WITH THAT BRAID SHE HAD IN THE ECHO MV, IT WAS ADORABLE….*ahem*….

Tiffany is also taken relationship wise…..WHAT!?!?!? where DID I HEAR THIS!!!???

She’s the second half of Locksmiths of course, there is finally a name for those who support the undying love of Taeny! Signified by the matching necklaces that Taeyeon and Tiffany have worn and switched over the years. I’ll let you guys argue over who’s the wife and who’s the husband in the relationship XD.

And you know what’s also been awesome the past year? Fany tails bro…..fany tails….

I can go on and on about the amazing person that is our Mushroom princess, but lets make one thing sure, I’d rather be saved by 8 hot sisters than an overweight Italian Plumber :P.

Fany fans have a lot to look forward, firstly being the long awaited MC FANY for music Bank, I hope that she has a very special 23rd birthday (22nd outside of Korea)! Tiffany Hwang, we here at snsdkorean hope you have a marvellous day on this very special day of your life.

Finally, just so you guys explode over the awesome, our very own Nukem384 has put together a birthday video for her

**Shigeru miyamoto is a Japanese game developer for Nintendo, creator of works like Mario and Zelda, I hope we have some gamers that understand the jokes :P.