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Updated with pictures from Intel Korea’s Facebook!

On July 28th, our girls received a special gift from Intel as a thank you for their hard work promoting the 2nd generation Intel Core processor family.

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As you know, SNSD was featured in the MV for “Visual Dreams” in 2D and 3D, along with other promotional items, as part of the ad campaign for the 2nd generation Core processors.  These promotions were carried out throughout Asia.

SNSD was presented with a special necklace and ear ring set made from Intel core chips.  These are a one of a kind jewelry set made by American jewelry boutique Shreve & Co.  Each set has the members names engraved on the back of the necklace to make them even more of a rarity.

Intel representative, Lee Hee Sung said, “Through our marketing activities with SNSD, not only consumers in Korea and Asian region could get to know more about the Intel 2nd Generation Core Process but also as far as the consumers in Europe. In the future, we hope to be closer with our consumers through more innovative marketing activities”.

Ahhh, love seeing our girls doing well and using their star power to be a force in the CF world along with their busy schedules!  Congrats on your one of a kind jewelry sets from Intel!

by: nukem384@snsdkorean

Credits: SMent@youtube, fanwonder.com, intelkorea@facebook