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Looking after our 9 earthly angels is never easy, but there are always benefits to be reaped…

The recent wedding reception of Soshi’s manager has yielded a very interesting wedding group photoshoot image.

Released on an on-line community forum website on July 5th, it shows the aforementioned person with his bride forming the ubiquitous heart-shaped sign with their hands.

What was most interesting was that the lucky couple were surrounded by 9 lovely angels in their famous Oh ! performance outfits.

Talk about fringe benefits ! Netizen comments on the photo image ranged from  “Even on the wedding day, SNSD were there to congratulate the manager. I’m so jealous” to “This is cute”.

It’s no wonder the couple blanked-out their faces in the photo, since being recognized will surely ensure that the precious photograph will be kept under lock and key from henceforth, such is it’s collectible value :D.

Here then is the posted photographic image. Enjoy !!!

[The 9 ladies certainly look real cute here, don’t you agree 😉 ?]

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources:  tvdaily.co.kr, www.fanwonder.com, www.soshified.com