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+ Updated with English translations for all 4 videos

Remember this particular Vita500 CF video ? Well, it seems more such goodness has been released on-line…

Just spotted these Vita500 promotional videos on Youtube that are apparently related to the same campaign theme as Jessica’s previously posted  CF video.

 The cute expressions of our favourite angels as they go about advertising for the vitamin-energy drink makes the CF videos a real joy to watch :D.

(English translations of the dialogue in the videos are provided below).

Unfortunately, only these few are posted at the moment. Nonetheless, enjoy !!!




English Translations (courtesy of Bright)


Hello, I’m SNSD’s Jessica! The weater is really hot these days. Jessica’s know-how of avoiding the heat indoors is to play the music loud and sing along. “It’s so cold, I’m shivering. Naeng-myun, Naeng-myun” Recommend me some music that can sweep away the heat with a single punch.


Hi, I’m Tiffany. Today, my question is ‘Vitamin is ( ) to me.’ To me, vitamin is music and our SNSD members. Whenever I’m with them, I get bucked up and pleased. They are my constant vitamin. What is your vitamin?


Hi, I’m SNSD’s TaeYeon. This is the month that we should show our filial love to our parents. I live away from home and can’t see my parents often. So today I sent a text message to my parents saying ‘I love you’. Well, I’ve just received a reply from my parents. It’s a long letter from my mother saying she loves me to. I’d strongly recommend you to send a message to your parents showing your love. If you get replies from your parents moved by your unexpected love confession, please post here.


Hello, I’m SNSD’s YoonA. At last Vita 500′s website for SNSD is open. I’s so glad to meet you here in this way. Marking it’s 10th anniversary, Vita 500 shows you new style with SNSD. Please leave your congratulations and other good comments.


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Vita500, aslotussmusic@youtube.com