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+ New Daum CF photos featuring the 9 Ladies Released.

A new CF for Daum’s android-based application Daum Cloud was released to the general public today (7/7/11).

As to the stars of  the 20-second commercial ?

Why, it’s none other than our favourite 9 ladies from SNSD.

Outfitted in colourful summer clothing, the angelic 9 ladies belt out the Daum CF jingle whilst they demonstrate the various functions of the new application.

In a nutshell, the Daum Cloud application allows users to view and share files through their mobile phones. In fact, using their mobile phones, users can upload up to 50GB worth of photos, files and videos onto Daum Cloud for viewing and sharing with one another.

Convenient, fun, user-friendly and efficient, the new Daum Cloud software application is set to revolutionize the way files are managed on both computers as well as mobile phones.

Check out the CF video below (I think the angelic 9 look really cute here 😉 ):

9 Beautiful Angels In A Heavenly Daum Cloud

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: aslotussmusic@youtube.com, gayqueenful@soshified.com, Daum, acsnoopy@soshified.com