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Having only arrived home to Korea for one day, if even that, our busy ladies are already up and at it, once again heading over to Japan, to continue their Arena Tour (next concert: 06/17 in Tokyo @ Yoyogi First Gymnasium National Stadium).

The good news for us Sones is that we get…

MORE PICTURES at the airport, of the girls’ and their amazing fashion sense!

The bad news? And I say this wholeheartedly, I really feel for the girls because they must be super exhausted. Their schedules are tight, and they’re working very hard to please us fans, and even though they may be happy doing so, I think it’s much more important that they look after their health and well-being.

With that being said, here’s hoping that they will be getting some time off after their upcoming concert, before making an appearance at MTV Video Music Aid Japan, where they are nominated in three categories.

For now, stay strong girls.

smurfette_pat@soompi, hotchocolatelove@soompi; pictures as tagged.