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EDIT: The girls’ are now scheduled to perform at the Awards ceremony!

Shoujo Jidai’s Japanese debut single “Genie” has been nominated for three awards at this years MTV Video Music Aid Japan (formerly the MTV Video Music Awards Japan):

Best Group Video, Best Video of The Year and Best Karaoke! Song

The VMAJ will be held at Makuhari Messe convention center on the 25th of June, but sadly, it does not look like the girls will be making an appearance, which is kind of a downer, because AKB48 is hosting the event this year and I want to see something like this again:

Lady Gaga will be performing at the event and it also would’ve been nice to see some SoshiGaga (is that even a legitimate pairing?) interaction considering:


And because Fany is a Lady Gaga fan:

Anyhow, good luck to the girls and let’s hope that they can bring home the awards!

Credit: fanwonder.com, warmboy1994@youtube, Risseee99@youtube; pictures as tagged.

Tidbit: Tune in to MTV Japan, MTV Korea, MTV China or MTV Southeast Asia at 6pm Japan Standard Time on Saturday, the 25th of June to watch the MTV Video Music Aid Japan live.

The event was renamed to the MTV Video Music Aid Japan, in support of the Japanese Red Cross and their efforts towards the rebuilding of areas devastated by the March 11th earthquake/tsunami.