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Yes, that’s right, and in no less than 2 magazines, to boot !

It seems the July issue of both Vogue Korea, as well as W magazine will feature our 9 ladies,as well as other SMTown artistes, in a fashion photoshoot taken during their recent gig in Paris, France on the 10th and 11th of June 2011.

31 SM artists participated in the large-scale photoshoot for W magazine. This took place in the early hours of the morning, following the last SM Town Live concert, in order to avoid the fans.

This tactic, however, did not really succeed, as some fans still managed to be present at the photoshoot locations when the fashion shots were being taken ;).

The photos of our angelic 9 used, as inspiration, a Parisian Haute-Couture concept.

As expected, our beautiful ladies displayed a confidence that belied their actual youthful ages.

As for the Vogue Korea magazine, the said issue will feature 12 pages of backstage photos from the SM TOWN Live in Paris concert. These will centre around scenes from the groundbreaking concert and the singers’ vivid and interesting backstage expressions.

OK, on now to some preview images of the photoshoot and backstage shots for both Vogue Korea and W magazines. Enjoy !

Well, it certainly looks like the upcoming July issues of both Vogue Korea and W magazines are going to be sell-out items again ! The editors of both these magazines certainly know a good thing when they see it :D.

[Personally, I think the ladies look , oh so gorgeous, in these photos, don’t you agree ?]

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Chosun, dongA, editorjinu@Twitter, Yurui,  eushaeusha@soshified.com