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As previously mentioned, SMTOWN now has its very own Facebook page, and has promised to continually update fans with news and pictures regarding their artistes activities.

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! Now, guess the waiting room number of GIRLS’ GENERATION / SHINee / f(x) !

Currently, the Facebook page is all about SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS, and in keeping with their promise, SMTOWN staff have posted various pictures of the artist’s as they work and/or play. Hit the jump for more!

Previously posted pictures here and here.

Our girls’ at work:

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! JESSICA & YOONA! Playing with the camera while waiting for their turn~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! YURI & SOOYOUNG! Waiting for their turn in the waiting room~ The answer! GIRLS’ GENERATION’s waiting room number is~~~6! Upside down of Number ‘9’ [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL! 9 angels, preparing for the concert in Paris~! Presenting a huge heart for the fans~![from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Um… besides that last picture, I don’t think they were actually “working” during those snapshots lol 😀

Our girls’ at play:

YURI! Shopping in Paris~! Maybe the most thing she wanted to do~ Look at her sparkling eyes~ beautiful~! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

TIFFANY! Looking at the shopping list~ Guess 7 products on the TIFFANY’s shopping list~! Lucky ‘7’ for TIFFANY~!!! and for all SM artists~!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN Staff]

Introducing the Facebook page:

Anyone else think that S.M. Entertainment has struck gold by utilizing Facebook as a means to reach out to fans on a global scale? In either case, I think the fans are grateful that they have 🙂

Source: smtown@facebook; smtown@youtube