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+ Added some translations of the interview

Earlier, the girls were present on ‘Music Station’. As reported, they performed a special medly of ‘THE GREAT ESCAPE’ and ‘Mr. Taxi’. It was the first time the girls performed the former live on broadcast.

Interview cuts–

(Thanks to noffo for the HD alternative)

^ best part aside from the performances imo because of Fany’s ‘Everything pink, mine’

Translations of the interview–

trans: MC: what kind of otaku is snsd? Taeyeon: Tiffany is a pink otaku. Fany: Since I like pink, my belongings and room are almost all pink

MC: What do other members think? Yuri: Actually we also love pink, but since Fany really loves pink, recently we gave up.

Mc: how about the others? SY: Since we are staying in Japan for a long time this time all of us brought big suitcases…

SY: other members packed it with clothes and pj’s but Taeyeon has only cosmetics in that big suitcase

MC: What did you put it? Taeyeon: 20 different types of lipstick (?), 10 makeup brushes and 5 makeup pouches

SY: she is like a professional makeup artist. MC: how about other members? Yoona: seohyun chan is a fruit, watermelon otaku

SH: I really love watermelons. I think that when there are watermelons in summer even without food I can survive.

MC: do you eat one whole watermelon then? SH: ah, no

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(HD mirrored alternative)

Fun facts: YUI was present on ‘Music Station’ as well; Taeyeon’s musical debut in “Midnight Sun” was based off the Japanese movie “Taiyō no Uta”,  starring Japanese singer Yui.  Taeyeon also sang covers of Yui’s songs “Goodbye Days,” “It’s Happy Line,” and “Skyline.

More pictures:

(Signature they left after performing on Music Station)


What do you guys think of the performances, especially ‘THE GREAT ESCAPE’?

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