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IT’S OUT! Let’s take a listen to the new tracks in SNSD 1st Japanese Album~

Let It Rain

Born to be a Lady

Beautiful Stranger

I’m in Love with the HERO

Bad Girl



Hoot (Japanese ver.)

Just a reminder, the other  tracks in the album are MR.TAXI, Japanese version of Gee, Genie, and Run Devil Run.

I personally loooove all the  tracks on this album. The new tracks are awesome, albeit different from their usual sound. Shoujo Jidai’s 1st Album sounds more electropop than any of their previous Korean releases. It’s very refreshing.

I guess it’s a good thing that Shoujo Jidai is considered as the “cool” group in Japan, unlike the “cute” Sonyuh Shidae in Korea. However, after listening to the whole album  made me feel that this album lacks of variety compared to the Korean albums… I’m not complaining, though. I mean, I love the bubblegum-pop!SNSD but I definitely won’t mind if they’re also heading to this direction on their next Korean releases!

That’s being said, I’ll continue jamming to this album~ I have no favorite yet, but which track is yours?

Support the girls, buy their 1st Japanese album if you haven’t!

cr; hangthienbao2@youtube